A Framework for Adopting Macs into the Windows Centric Business

Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition

Enabling IT teams to successfully adopt Macs throughout the business by providing application compatibility
and the best in class user experience while leveraging existing infrastructure and investments.
The MacBook Air is one of the hottest selling notebook computers and is landing in the hands of
corporate executives and travel prone users at an amazing pace. Add to that the latest MacBooks,
iMacs and Mac Pros and you get unprecedented growth of Mac computers in what was once the
Windows dominated enterprise. Analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co. informed investors in November
that Mac shipment growth in the third quarter of calendar 2011 outpaced the PC market for the 22nd
straight quarter. Wolf also reported Also reporting that Apple’s 24.6 percent growth dwarfed the 5.3
percent growth in total PC shipments. Whether it is the sleek design, the easy to use interface or the
integration with iPads and iPhones, Macs are making their way into the enterprise at a relentless pace
that appears unstoppable.
IT teams must quickly adapt to this new reality of rapid, unplanned adoption of a completely new
platform while maintaining compliance to security policies, enabling business application compatibility
and supporting the mobile workforce. Compounding the challenge for IT, all of this comes at a time when
budgets are limited and support staff has been minimized.