The Agility Gap in Today’s Private Clouds

There is a very strong, implicit assumption by users that their self-provisioned systems will be
highly available and reliable, and will perform as required within the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Providing only initial self-service provisioning without continuous monitoring and management
of those systems, as well as the supporting infrastructure, will significantly constrain the service
levels that your cloud can achieve. Limited or “cloudwashed” implementations run a very real
risk of user dissatisfaction and increased costs; and they foster perceptions that IT cannot really
deliver the agility they need.

The management of underlying clouds must also be agile in order to handle fluctuations in user
demand, to meet variable workload needs, and to continuously optimize resource allocation and
utilization. Without back-end capabilities (e.g., service visibility, monitoring, life cycle management,
dynamic resource allocation, etc.), deploying a front-end portal or service catalog will result in the
rapid proliferation of unmanaged systems, and increase resource and management costs.