Does Android Dream of Enterprise Adoption?

It’s an Android world. Sixty percent of the mobile device market is dominated by this leading mobile
open-source operating system. As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) gains rapid momentum, IT is left with
the Catch-22 of satiating employees’ thirst for using the Google based juggernaut while addressing the
very real concerns of protecting corporate data and providing standardized management.

There are now more than 550 Android device types, 48 manufacturers, and a multitude of carriers
worldwide. To complicate things further, many of these manufacturers and carriers installed
custom variants of the OS and added software to differentiate their offerings from the rest of the
continuously growing Android herd. This is great news for consumers, but sends chills up the spines
of IT professionals who have relied for years on efficient management through standardization.

Each version of Android has improved management and security capabilities, but the vast array
of devices on the market means it’s unlikely your enterprise will ever deal with only one version
or device type.

This doesn’t negate the validity and power of Android in the enterprise; it simply means IT
departments must arm themselves with the right protective measures.

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