Are you ready for BYOD? – Mobility is moving fast. To stay in control, you have to prepare for change

Here are seven questions you should answer as you roll out new mobile capabilities.

It is common for discussions of BYOD to begin with concerns about security, or to focus on managing the vast amounts of data that these additional devices generate. But the BYOD 3 IBM Software discussion reaches beyond security to encompass a wide range of endpoint management issues.

And it reaches beyond data loads to encompass a broader impact the devices have on infrastructure and operations.

The BYOD discussion is still relatively new, but it is pointing the way to change—and it is raising key issues that organizations must be ready to address.

This white paper notes that it is not enough simply to give users permission to use their personal devices for work. For successful BYOD operations, organizations must address issues they may not have considered yet, but that can have significant consequences for business and IT operations.