Boost IT Visibility and Business Value

According to CIO Magazine, “Today, CIOs are being asked to cut costs, increase productivity, and find new ways to generate revenue and profits.” A natural outcome of this trend is the increasing demand on CIOs to show the business the value they are getting from their IT investment.
To enhance transparency and demonstrate value, IT needs complete visibility into its costs and services. Gartner writes, “Transparent governance processes and budget and performance monitoring are important factors in regaining the trust of business units.”

To address these issues, most CIOs and senior executives have already made substantial investments in their IT organizations. However, they have made these investments without fully understanding ITIL® or the value delivered by automating their IT operations, because the foundation, the service catalog, is inadequate or missing.
Building a great service catalog relieves these CIO pressure points by demonstrating the value of ITSM while boosting the organization’s perception of IT.