The challenge of protecting critical data

A company may generate, acquire, process, share and store vast volumes of sensitive data, and try to protect it all — but senior executives must recognize that the organization’s fortunes are often driven by less than 1 percent of the total.

High-profile data breaches are a wake-up call to enterprises everywhere. Senior executives can view such episodes as cautionary tales that showcase how the theft, misuse or corruption of a small but vital portion of enterprise data can have grave, branddamaging consequences.

This small sliver of the enterprise pie — just 0.01 percent to 2.0 percent of all sensitive data — is the target of profiteers, hactivists and state-sponsored thieves, all of whom are growing bolder and more sophisticated in pursuing this prize.

Because no broad enterprise security approach can ever be fully effective in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace, enterprise management must make dedicated protection of this critical data a major component in an overall security strategy.

This whitepaper can help determine how senior executives can identify their “crown jewels” in a mountain of sensitive enterprise data and which steps to take regarding the protection of the most important data assets: