Citrix NetScaler— A foundation for next-generation datacenter security

The need for robust datacenter security has never been greater. Traditional challenges and concerns—including extensive regulatory requirements, the rise of targeted attacks, and the continuing erosion of perimeter-centric security models—are now being joined by the need to account for highly dynamic enterprise cloud architectures and flat networks with fewer, natural ‘choke points.’ Add the ever-present budgetary pressures to do more with less, and it becomes clear that the foundation for stronger security must be built using existing datacenter infrastructure.
Citrix NetScaler, the best application delivery controller (ADC) for building enterprise cloud networks, is precisely such a solution. Already a strategic component in thousands of enterprise datacenters, NetScaler delivers an extensive portfolio of essential datacenter security capabilities. Moreover, it minimizes the need for enterprises to invest in a large number of expensive, standalone security solutions. NetScaler not only provides critically important application security, network/ infrastructure security, and identity and access management, but also supports a rich ecosystem of partner products to cover adjacent security domains.