Cloud Management In A Hybrid Cloud World

Cloud platforms are increasingly a viable option for a growing set of enterprise workloads. Businessaligned
developers are aggressively leveraging public cloud platforms to build and deploy new elastic
applications and to extend legacy capabilities. They have come to expect speed, choice, and cost
transparency. Meanwhile, nearly half of enterprise IT shops claim to be building a private cloud in 2013.

The future enterprise IT infrastructure is therefore a hybrid mix of public and private clouds, but who
will manage this new IT portfolio? Today, cloud developers are often doing it themselves out of necessity,
but they should be focused on coding and testing, not cloud service management. Infrastructure and
operations (I&O) professionals have the operations management skills, but they have not yet earned the
right to take over cloud management.

In this report, we explain how the I&O role changes in a hybrid
cloud world, how I&O pros need to accelerate the cloud application delivery life cycle to exceed business
expectations of cloud, and which cloud management capabilities I&O must master to take on the role of
hybrid cloud manager.