Be Cloud Ready: Architectural Integration for VSPEX Private Cloud for Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V

Organizations require a scalable, tiered, and highly available infrastructure on which to deploy business and mission-critical applications. A Microsoft private cloud enables on-demand delivery of applications as standardized IT services and can offer a new kind of agility, focus, and cost savings. Usually, your choice is between implementing a prepackaged solution or attempting to build a private cloud from the foundation. Accelerate your IT transformation to the Microsoft private cloud by using VSPEX Private Cloud for Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V. Designed and validated by industry leaders Cisco and EMC, this simple, efficient, and flexible private cloud solution can help organizations like yours:

● Dramatically reduce the complexity of IT infrastructure by using modular solution building blocks that can scale to your data center’s needs

● Quickly deploy a Microsoft Windows-based private cloud solution

● Help ensure flexibility so that you can use existing infrastructure in the VSPEX solution rather than disrupting your IT environment

● Reduce the risk of deploying a private cloud