Complex Event Processing — A Framework for Decisions and Operational Visibility

Surprise is rarely a good thing in busniess. Unexpected developments range in effect from inconvenient to disastrous or, in the case of pleasant surprises, opportunities. As a result of these developments, there is an increased emphasis on corporate governance and regulatory compliance requirements.

Now more than ever, CEOs, CFOs and other decision makers must be connected to the everyday events and occurrences throughout their enterprises. These enterprises, in turn, require real-time insight and a reporting infrastructure for all decision makers and/or decision enablers. There are at least two challenges in meeting this requirement. First, most IT infrastructures cannot handle the volume of events generated as part of daily operations in real-time. Second, most IT infrastructures are incapable of maintaining relationships among discrete granular events from various IT and business layers across the enterprise and correlating those events with historical context.

Find out in this whitepaper how TIBCO addresses these challenges and what solutions can be offered to best manage Complex Event Processing.