Definitive Guide: Securing the Mobile Enterprise

While mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) offer potential rewards for organizations — a mobile workforce that can be productive anywhere, the promise of smart spaces — the thought of all of
those unknown devices connecting to the network is the stuff that keeps security and IT managers up at night. The goal of this paper is to outline the pre-planning and deployment steps needed to help guide you on your journey of enterprise BYOD and IoT.

We’ll cover how policies can help control BYOD and poor user behavior. We’ll also highlight how profiling and context can create an environment that allows for differentiated access based on user roles, device types, ownership, and location.

Lastly, we’ll discuss how greater visibility and the integration of your policy decision engine with third-party security solutions can enhance your ability to offer end-to-end mobile protection — from device, access layer, and traffic inspection to security information and event management.