Driving Productivity with a Video-Enabled Workforce

Few businesses have remained untouched by the evolution of the networked society, distributed work teams, and a growing trend for work shifting that allows people to intersperse work and personal lives seamlessly. Leading organizations are developing approaches—from social networks to video conferencing—to break down communication silos among dispersed teams and promote productivity through better collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Video conferencing offers business leaders significant opportunities to increase their competitive edge by driving higher productivity and growth, while reducing costs. There is no doubt that video conferencing has become a well-established productivity-enhancing tool for thousands of organizations today. However, for several years now, it has remained synonymous with meetings confined to conference rooms and board rooms for group collaboration. This has largely kept the reach of video conferencing restricted to a chosen few in the enterprise. Technology and network limitations have prevented the spread of video to where the people and processes truly are—at desktops and mobile devices.