Enabling and Transforming Business Through Greater Strategic Enterprise Mobi l i t y

Businesses across EMEA are increasingly prioritizing greater
strategic enterprise mobility within their firms. As smart device
proliferation and consumerization of IT accelerate — growing 40%+
in 2011 alone, according to our estimates — and as enterprise
mobile application deployments mature, the need for a more
comprehensive and strategic approach to mobility is becoming

As a result, IDC expects the market for mobile enterprise
management software alone in EMEA to grow at a CAGR of 36%
over the next four years to reach close to $500 million by 2016.
Many early adopters are facing significant deployment issues as the
market takes hold and the speed of technology innovation
During the Citrix and IDC roundtable, several critical
CIO “hot topics” around current mobility projects were discussed. We
have summarized them below.