F5 BIG-IP Platform Security

Information is the lifeblood of every business’s operations. It flows inbound from customers, outbound to the cloud, and from branch offices, to international offices, through the data center, and to the CEO’s smartphone. But there’s always that one shadowy guy trying to hack his way in.

When creating any security-enabled network device, development teams must fully investigate security of the device itself to ensure it cannot be compromised. A gate provides no security to a house if the gap between the bars is large enough to drive a truck through. Many highly effective exploits have breached the very software and hardware that are designed to protect against them. If an attacker can breach the guards, then they don’t need to worry about being stealthy, meaning if
one can compromise the box, then they probably can compromise the code. F5® BIG-IP® Application Delivery Controllers are positioned at strategic points of control to manage an organization’s critical information flow.