From aspiration to adoption: realising the business value of BPM

One way or the other, implementing BPM in your organisation will introduce change. But here, more so than in many other kinds of business/IT project, it is crucial to remember that technology change is not the same as business change. You can effect a technology change by installing a BPM system; but that by itself won’t necessarily deliver any business change whatsoever. You have to face change management challenges head-on if you are going to succeed with BPM. This report shows you how. In an environment where competition is ever fiercer, customer expectations are more informed and more stringent, supply chains are more complex and business and technology are becoming ever more tightly intertwined, a focus on end-to-end business process improvement is absolutely crucial. This improvement needs to be carried out at a scale and speed greater than ever – and trying to do this without help from technology is foolhardy. This makes BPM a strategic imperative.