FX Trading and Technology Survey

Each year since 2009, StreamBase (now a part of TIBCO Software) has conducted a survey of trading and technology trends in the global foreign exchange market. This latest 2014 survey covers several important points such as

• Significant concern and focus on improving market surveillance and compliance capabilities, auto-hedging, and risk management.

• General satisfaction with existing liquidity aggregation systems.

• Higher satisfaction with single bank trading platforms than multi-bank platforms.

• Indications that multi-bank platforms need to focus on pricing issues above all else.

• Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, and Citi are the most used single bank platforms, with Goldman moving up a few places to take fourth position.

Regulation is a top concern and major catalyst for change in the FX market. This view reflects the uncertainties and pressures placed on businesses as a result of the sheer volume of new regulation introduced over the last year and still to come over the following twelve months and beyond.

Here are the findings of this study and information on how the information could impact your business: