When Manufacturers Go Mobile: Managing Devices, Apps and Documents

Mobile computing offers manufacturers many new ways
to improve productivity and bottom line performance in
every area of their business. Smartphones and tablets are
becoming natural extensions to core operational systems,
including ERP, CRM, BI, MES and WMS, as well as for
logistics management, mobile procurement and financial
applications. Stronger, more rugged devices are hitting
the market for use in factories and harsh manufacturing
Most experts agree that the number
of manufacturers adopting enterprise mobility is
accelerating in the quest of improving costs, product
development cycles, manufacturing throughput, supply
chain efficiency and customer focus.

Manufacturers today must lead in trends that result in faster innovation, productive customer
engagements, operational efficiency, and bottom-line benefits—or they’ll be left behind. Recognizing
that mobility provides new opportunities to achieve these goals is only the start. Mobile devices
and the apps, data and business documents on them must be managed and controlled to reap the
promised benefits while preserving information security.