MDM – On Making Information Management the Foundation of the Future

The latest buzz phrase in information management is master data management. It’s yet
another take on getting to that lofty goal of a “single version of the truth.”

Some will say “Haven’t we been here before?” And you may believe you already do this within the
data warehouse or some other existing structure. You could be right. As a matter of fact,
a form of master data management is to master it in the data warehouse.

However, as information becomes your corporate asset and you wish to control and utilize it as much
as possible, these forms of master data management are seldom sufficient. Likewise,
the ERP promise of everything in one system leads companies to think master data
could be managed there, however, ERP manages just the master data it needs to
function and lacks governance rules to change and syndicate master data effectively.

This whitepaper offers valuable information on what areas need focus, how to deal with MDM challenges, data quality and MDM, selecting MDM Technology and much more.