NFV adoption to transform telecommunications infrastructure

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is an initiative driven by several dozen large (Communications Service Providers) CSPs that dramatically increases the use of virtualization and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems in their networks. Telecom infrastructure has long been a bastion of proprietary software running on purposebuilt hardware. NFV leverages IT technologies – including virtualization, standard servers, and open software – so that it can fundamentally change the way networks are built and operated. The goal is to consolidate multiple network functions on these COTS platforms and enable each function (application) to scale capacity elastically.


In the fall of 2012, a number of the largest CSPs initiated an effort (in ETSI) to dramatically increase the use of virtualization and COTS technology in their telecommunications networks. A year later, a larger group of 50+ CSPs and industry suppliers introduced a number of specifications to guide NFV adoption.

Please find more information about NVS here in this whitepaper.