Why OpenStack? Find out if OpenStack is right for you

Organizations like yours have stopped asking whether to implement a cloud. That debate is over.
Now, you want to know the best way to build a cloud. With a myriad of choices, one of the great
things about cloud is that you can incorporate multiple options, like a hybrid, public, or private cloud.
What hardware should you use? What applications can run in the cloud? The options can be overwhelming,
but there’s a constant in many conversations about building a cloud: OpenStack®.

OpenStack has emerged as one of the leading cloud operating system. It’s easy to see why — offering
massive scalability, OpenStack delivers on the promise of cloud computing as an open source application.
But OpenStack may not be all things to all people. It’s definitely not all things to all applications.
Is OpenStack right for you and your applications?

In this paper — a companion to the webinar of the same name — we’ll cut through the hype around
OpenStack and explore why people (including our team at Red Hat) are so excited about OpenStack.
Finally, we’ll discuss how OpenStack could work for you or if you need to consider other solutions for
some of your applications.