OpenStack Hype vs. Reality: Companies see promise; need for implementation expertise

OpenStack® is a hot topic, and with good
reason: This rapidly evolving open-source
architecture can enable IT departments to build
infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds running
on standard hardware. Companies of all
sizes see the possibilities, a recent IDG Quick
Poll of CIOs shows. But those companies may
not be quite as aware of all the obstacles to an
OpenStack deployment, the poll finds.

Respondents hail from a variety of industries
and are evenly split between those from
larger companies (500-plus employees) and
smaller ones (less than 500 employees). Most
respondents have at least some knowledge of
OpenStack, and for many, deployment is on the
roadmap—11 percent say they have deployed
or implemented OpenStack, and another 11
percent report they are in the process of doing
so (See chart on next page). Further, 23 percent
say they will deploy or implement OpenStack
within the next 24 months, and 20 percent
plan to implement it, but have no timetable for

More than half the respondents say they are
using or will use OpenStack in conjunction with
an existing cloud provider. Sixty-five percent
of respondents use or plan to use OpenStack
for on-demand infrastructure, 62 percent say
they use or will use OpenStack for private cloud
capabilities, and 42 percent use or will use it
for massive scalability, followed by public cloud
and automation capabilities (40 percent each).