Retail Mobility: Securing the entire Supply Chain

For many retailers, mobile devices are simply a call to boost their marketing and management programs.
Others have embraced the tactical promise of mobility by enabling an untethered point of sale. Those
who are further along have a clearer understanding that a complete mobile device management (MDM)
program is necessary for enterprise-wide mobile success and security. Yet, in both cases, research
shows that not even half have a roadmap in place before they start down the path of mobility.

Retailers are clear on the benefits they hope to reap by leveraging mobility as exhibited in a recent
Aberdeen Group poll. When talking to retailers a clear majority expect mobility to improve the instore
experience through self-checkout to shorten lines and deepen loyalty to the brick-and-mortar
store. So many retailers are enamored with this promise that 41% of respondents expect to add
mobile POS capability in the next 24 months.

Along with all the benefits, there are many risks with mobility in retail. Centralized control over
devices is critical to secure customer data and be compliant, update systems and install apps, track
the unauthorized installation of apps, and wipe or recover the data from any lost or stolen devices.