Software Defined Storage For Dummies

Software Defined Storage For Dummies, IBM Platform Computing Edition, examines data storage and management challenges and explains software defined storage, an innovative solution for high-performance, cost-effective storage using IBM’s GPFS.

The rapid, accelerating growth of data, transactions, and digitally aware devices is straining today’s IT infrastructure and operations. At the same time, storage costs are increasing and user expectations and cost pressures are rising. This staggering growth of data has led to the need for high-performance streaming, data access, and collaborative data sharing.

If you work with big data in the cloud or deal with structured and unstructured data for analytics, you need software defined storage. Software defined storage uses standard compute, network, and storage hardware; the storage functions are all done in software, such as IBM GPFS, that provides automated, policy driven, application aware storage services, through orchestration of the underlining storage infrastructure in support of an overall software defined environment.

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