Success in the cloud: Why workload matters

Like other performance-driven companies, IBM is continuously challenged by stakeholders to drive new revenue opportunities and efficiencies while lowering operating costs. As such, cloud computing with its widely-touted benefits made a convincing case for adoption. And the technology model has lived up to expectations. By providing a platform to standardize and automate the management of key business applications, cloud has enabled dramatic reductions in IBM’s IT support costs and major improvements in workplace efficiency and resource use. More than that, cloud computing has accelerated IBM’s ability to innovate and do so in ways that improve how we deliver services and support inside IBM. In short, it has become a catalyst for business transformation at IBM.

With the implementation of cloud computing internally, across six fundamental IT workloads development and test, analytics, storage, collaboration, desktop and production application workloads we have witnessed striking improvements in efficiency while capturing some impressive savings in capital and operations.