TechInsights Report: The changing role of IT and what to do about it

Today’s challenging and hyper-competitive business environment offers CIOs a unique opportunity
to assume an expanded role as a strategic technology expert collaborating with the business toward
greater success, more revenue and happier customers.
It’s in IT’s hands at the moment, but the window of opportunity is closing as lines of business get
tech-savvy, spending more of their budgets on IT projects and re-examining the role that IT plays in
advising them. IT can either define a new role for itself which embraces this change, or ignore it and
risk becoming increasingly irrelevant to the business.

New research commissioned by CA Technologies and conducted by Vanson Bourne in May-July 2013
shows the role of IT is changing and not to benefit IT leaders in many cases. The survey of 1,300
senior IT leaders worldwide revealed 39% of respondents now see IT as a service broker or consultant
to the line of business rather than a full-service provider of all IT services; and 35% of IT spending is
occurring outside of the IT department today and that number is expected to grow to 44% in three
years. Other disturbing findings show that just 11% see the role of IT as a developer of new,
innovative services and only 14% consider IT as a driver of new business initiatives.

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