The Flash Revolution Advances as the All-Flash Array Market Reaches Tipping Point

Flash memory has already redefined the consumer technology experience: Not only does it power mobile phones, tablets and laptops, but it is used extensively in the data centers of large consumer websites because it is so much faster, denser, more power efficient and more reliable than hard drives. With recent breakthroughs in cost and compatibility, this same flash revolution is poised to sweep through business data centers.

Here from the Gartner Files, you will find the Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays (All-Flash Arrays) with the projected market growth and predicted timeline for the replacement of traditional high-end storage arrays.

If you are considering making the move to all-flash storage to transform your business and IT operations, we encourage you to review the following report, which offers a comprehensive overview of vendors in the SSA space and invaluable insights to suport your deliberations: