The Forrester Wave™: Talent Management, Q1 2013

Leading Talent Management Vendors go Beyond Basic Functionality
To provide integrated suites

Talent vendors support competency, goal, performance, succession, and learning
processes. An attractive suite off ering enables customers to deal with one vendor
and generally achieve better process and data integration. Customers may still
select individual components based on specialized needs or gaps in their current
applications portfolios.

The Talent Management Market is growing as ad&d pros embrace
saas offerings.

HR professionals must evaluate, develop, and retain top talent and need technology
appropriate for non-IT professionals. Forrester clients are moving toward SaaS —
more than 90% of talent inquiries relate to SaaS deployments. Competitive SaaS
pricing has driven down the overall price of talent applications, and these revenues
are growing rapidly.Mobile, social, User interface, and Customer service are Key
differentiators in This Market.

Key vendor diff erentiators are mobile capability in performance and learning
activities and social capability to give praise from a social network and have
the praise appear in context in the performance app. An intuitive user interface
and great customer service have become top requirements over and above some
innovative functional features.

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