Vendor Insight BPM technology: IBM

IBM has a long history as a provider of process automation technology. In recent years the company has focused significant effort on building a new process management platform within its WebSphere software unit, as well as buying companies with strong technology relevant to BPM (FileNet, ILOG and Lombardi, to name but three). However, for some time the company’s offering overall was primarily skewed towards the needs of software developers and architects, rather than delivering capabilities that non-specialists could get truly involved with. With last year’s release of IBM Business Process Manager 7.5, and the blending of WebSphere’s middleware and developer-focused tools with Lombardi’s business-facing features and deep strengths in lifecycle and change management, things changed fundamentally. IBM is now a serious provider of a set of well-rounded, deep BPM technology offerings. With version 8.0 of the elements in its BPM technology offering, IBM has pushed further forward in four key areas.