High-speed distribution of HD movies to hotels

Allin Interactive is a leading interactive television (ITV) systems and platform provider for the hospitality industry. Allin specializes in developing applications that deliver encrypted pay-per-view films and other in-room programs such as restaurant reservations, games, event ticketing and promotional messaging. Allin initially focused on the cruise ship industry, delivering content via physical media shipments and

Moving Big Data at Maximum Speed Over Wide Area Networks

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) provides reliable data delivery under ideal c onditions, but has an inherent throughput bottleneck that becomes obvious, and severe, with increased packet loss and latency found on long-distance WANs. Adding more bandwidth does not change the eff ective throughput. File transfer speeds do not improve and expensive bandwidth is underutilized.

Scalable Synchronization of Big Data Over Distance

Aspera Sync is purpose-built by Aspera for high-performance, scalable, multidirectional asynchronous file replication and synchronization. Designed to overcome the performance and scalability shortcomings of conventional synchronization tools like rsync, Aspera Sync can scale up and out f or maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs, for today’s largest big data file stores—from millions of individual

Moving Big Data at Maximum Speed Over Wide Area Networks

In this digital world, fast and reliable movement of digital data, including massive sizes over global distances, is becoming vital to business success across virtually every industry. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) that has traditionally been the engine of this data movement, however, has inherent bottlenecks in performance (Figure 1), especially for networks with high