Cummins Inc – Success Story

Cummins is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines and related products. The company reported 2010 revenue of US$13.2 billion and serves its customers through 550 company-owned and independent distributor facilities and more than 5,000 dealer locations in 200 countries and territories.

Banking Branch Capture

Your financial institution is facing more challenges than ever amid increasingly aggressive regulation. In today’s environment, you need to get more done in less time if you want to improve operational efficiency and drive financial performance. Problem is, many of your organisation’s existing processes are mired in paperwork. And with more mergers and acquisitions, legacy

Master Multi-Channel Challenges with Efficient Workflow

To stay competitive and cut costs, progressive banks are replacing manual processes with automated information management solutions. Banks want to appear efficient, like well-oiled machines, to their customers. But behind the scenes, they have a secret: their most important business operations, including those for opening new accounts and processing loans, are awash in paper forms,

Mobile Capture for Banking

Driving your bank’s financial performance starts with thinking smarter. With the Lexmark Mobile Capture application, you can turn mobile devices into powerful productivity tools that collect, retrieve and send data directly into your workflows1 – at any time, anywhere.