Getronics Case study – Empowering worldwide collaboration while saving 80% on conferencing

With a history that extends over 125 years, Getronics is a leading information and communications technology (ICT) services group that employs approximately 4,000 people in 13 countries worldwide. Their complete portfolio of integrated ICT services for large enterprise and public sector markets helps them lead the Getronics Workspace Alliance, which provides customers with a consistent

Guidebook – join.me by LogMeIn

join.me by LogMeIn provides conferencing services to support presentations, sales demos, and online collaboration use cases. By speaking with join.me customers, Nucleus found that the ease of use for end users and administrators led to increased adoption, improved business productivity, and IT efficiencies. Also, join.me’s low pricing relative to functionality resulted in significant cost savings.


The e-tailing group has had the good fortune to have monitored chat over the past 5 years where our views on this technology have been shaped by real chats with real retailers and consumer research that we have conducted jointly with BoldChat as they have taken a leadership role through their annual Live Chat Effectiveness


Customers Embrace Every Form of Service Available. It’s almost shocking that our 2013 research revealed that today’s consumer is almost ambivalent when it comes to customer service channels; this generation of shoppers simply wants service their way. Of course, some customers have a preference for one channel over another, but it appears that’s born out


The e-tailing group has had the good fortune to participate in the growth of eCommerce over the last 16 years, and is just as thrilled to witness the power and possibility of mobile devices given their growing importance for both consumers and retailers. There are new dynamics in play simultaneously, and many of the trials

Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Support Services

For companies that sell products or services that require technical support, the support customers receive might be the only personal experience they can use to gauge their satisfaction with an organization. Since, for many of these organizations, customer satisfaction directly affects revenue, measuring customers’ satisfaction with the service experience and the services provided is extremely

The Rising Financial Impact of Customer Service

The role of customer service is one that is valued and well understood by many organizations. However, making the leap from correlating customer service activities with overall performance results to investing in strategies that deliver top-notch results is increasingly becoming a key differentiator. Top performing businesses have long understood the financial ramifications of a satisfied

Improving Engagement with Multi-Channel Service

In Aberdeen’s Trends in Customer Service 2012: Multi-Channel Edition (November 2012), only 39% of organizations reported that they had been able to drive improvements in customer satisfaction over the previous 12 months. An even lower percentage indicated success in enabling higher rates of loyalty and retention. This is not a recipe for success. Service is

Five Tips for Improving Customer Experience – Starting with the Support Desk

Within today’s competitive environment, where customers are more empowered than ever, organizations are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition and reduce customer churn through improvements in customer satisfaction. A recent Forrester survey found that 86 percent of decision-makers rank their customers’ experience as one of the top strategic priorities, and that 68 percent want