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IT departments and the organizations they serve can reap dramatic benefits by codifying and automating unique processes through the development of custom applications. These applications can lower costs, improve agility, quicken time to value, give IT greater control,and bolster productivity throughout IT and among enterprise users.

IT Asset Management

A modern ITAM solution allows organizations to consolidate legacy systems into one system of record and automate the asset lifecycle. Using ServiceNow, organizations have been able to consolidate these into a single system of record that fully supports process automation. ServiceNow also includes a modern ITAM solution that allows organizations to consolidate legacy ITAM systems

Powering Transformation – The IT Revolution is Now

The cloud platform makes integration easy, no matter what your infrastructure, and upgrades are delivered automatically, relieving IT of yet another burdensome and costly chore. With cloud-driven technology, your IT team can reclaim their stature and rightful role in orchestrating technology to solve business problems—the central nervous system of the organization. Cloud-driven technology lowers expenses,