Microservices: A Fast Path to Digital Business

The Internet of Things (IoT), mobile applications, social networks, new collaboration methods, cloud computing, citizen developers. These factors increase the data available to your organization and the opportunities that can be created from it. But to compete, you have to increase the speed at which you seize these opportunities. Look to microservices. Your speed depends

The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions

CA Technologies, SOA Software, And Apigee Lead With Broad-Based Solutions Forrester’s research uncovered a market in which CA Technologies, SOA Software, and Apigee lead the pack. IBM, Intel Services, WSO2, MuleSoft, Tibco, and Axway offer strong competitive options. Although the solutions from Informatica and 3scale are not as full-featured as the others, they are important

Event Processing with TIBCO BusinessEvents

Why Event processing – Event processing actively tracks and processes streams of events entering an enterprise so that opportunities and risks can be proactively identified and business outcomes optimized. The traditional data processing approach of store-analyze-act introduces the fundamental challenge of decision latency. Information is often the most relevant as soon as it is captured,

Event Processing with State Machines

Event Processing with State Machines is key to success. To meet or beat service level agreements (SLAs), organizations need complete, real-time visibility into their operations. Most business operations consist of a number of automated and manual business processes that span multiple applications running on different types of systems. Couple this complexity with a high volume

Event Processing with Inference Rules

• Automated real-time reaction is the key to efficient, data-driven business operations. • Inference rules enable business analysts to declare how to react to events without concern for when and how those events occur. • In-memory computing enables high performance stateful rules that can track thousands of events per second and react to situations that

Understanding the New Open API Economy

The possibility for creating new revenue streams and business models using open application programming interfaces (APIs) is capturing the attention of business leaders in every industry. What’s really unique about open APIs is that, in spite of the geeky sounding name, this is not a movement being driven by IT. These are business-led initiatives designed

Webinar: Die richtige Architektur für verlässliche Daten im Zeitalter von Fast Data

MDM (Master Data Management) als entscheidender Faktor für Unternehmenseffizienz und Fast Data-Architektur: Darüber diskutiert ein Expertenpanel in diesem Webinar. Informieren Sie sich über • die Vorteile einer Multi-Domain MDM-Plattform • MDM-Analytics, die einen Echtzeit-Einblick in die Effektivität von Geschäftsprozessen ermöglichen • Die Bedeutung einer Governance-Strategie • Vorteile prozessgetriebenen MDMs Sehen Sie sich das Webinar an