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Limelight Orchestrate™ for Media & Broadcast

Every broadcaster and media content owner struggles with how to simplify and reduce costs of media publishing workflow. Instantaneously delivering high quality video worldwide to every screen has led to needlessly complex systems. Too often, multiple third party tools are required to encode, publish, and deliver high performing content, as well as integrate ads, gather

Improving the User Experience

Web site visitors hate to waste time and, as statistic after statistic shows, a slow or inefficient Web site has a direct impact on the business. IT organizations have a tremendous opportunity to drive business success by delivering an exceptional digital experience to every user, on every device, in any location. But it’s a tough

Industry Brief on Gaming

Now more than ever, game developers and publishers need to reach a global audience. The Internet has given over 2 billion people access to online entertainment, and over half are estimated to be gamers. Gaming is a global industry, with new playing opportunities being introduced every day. In order for serious developers and publishers to

Building a Better Game Experience

As the video game market has grown, it has become increasingly competitive.  Traditional console and PC games are now competing against smartphone  and tablet titles as the mobile segment explodes in popularity.  But gamers have limited time playing, on average, only 1-2 hours per day. In order to capture mindshare, and a share of the